Health Treatments and Programs

Book a session with Jost in-person or by skype and make 2020 the year you start achieving your health goals, lose weight, improve your diet, sleep and outlook and get more energy. You deserve to feel good and enjoy your life more.

Treatments options include:

Jost focuses on building health fast because this naturally eliminates symptoms. Improve your organ health and you increase your energy, productivity, and emotional health. Jost’s transformative sessions will point  the path towards your purpose and, if you want, the steps towards the goal of enlightenment!

Jost is a registered acupuncturist, he lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a decade, and he pioneered the bodyclock (chi-cycle in TCM) lifestyle for the 21st century. Jost has written six books on health, run numerous clinics, treated tens of thousands of people from celebrities to professional athletes; and he does corporate workplace health training.

Jost cuts though confusion, and delivers clarity about why you feel the way you do. No time wasting here. You get the benefit of over 30 years of his research and professional experience focussed on you. Jost’s full-time job is health. This is his passion and calling, and it is what he does all day every day. He knows what works, and he knows what will work for you. And he’s like the health rocket scientist who can explain it all simply.

If you are in Australia you can experience Jost’s one-on-one consultations and extraordinary acupuncture at Buddina on the Sunshine Coast. This is a lovely location, only 500 metres from the beach, with plenty of fresh sea air.

Jost works with national and international clients via skype sessions. You simply purchase the session online and Jost will contact you to set a consultation time. You can book in one session, or many people choose to undergo a transformative process over 6 sessions.

Sunshine Coast Clinic Location: 15 Malkana Cres, Buddina, QLD 4575.  This is a residential property (no signage).

Health Assessment and Acupuncture

One hour consultation that will overview your physical, psychological and spiritual health, Followed by 30 minutes of Jost’s special chi-activation and empowerment acupuncture. This session creates clarity on direction in life, delivers strategies for building health in body, mind and spirit, and creates powerful sensations of calmness and peace. You’ll leave revitalized, re-energized and empowered for change.

Clinic Location: 15 Malkana Cres, Buddina, QLD 4575.  This is a residential property, no signage as Jost only treats a few select clients each week.

Bodyclock Health Skype

Jost will talk through the lifestyle changes you need to align your daily activities with the bodyclock and boost organ health. This is the basis of health. Instead of chasing symptoms, you’ll get to the core of where your symptoms come from. Price includes a free copy of Clock On To Health, your go to ‘how-to’ for the health and happiness lifestyle.

Use the bodyclock system and you can lose weight, and treat and prevent hypertension, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more. You can also build energy, vitality, zest for life, happiness, purpose and inner peace, with lifestyle changes.

Book your Bodyclock Health Skype now

Pre-purchase is essential to confirm your booking. As soon as your order and py, we send you the book by email as PDF /ebook. Jost will contact you to set a session time.

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