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The Bodyclock Health Plan

No time to get on top of your health? Confused about what diet, exercise, treatments, supplements or vitamins you should take? Jost’s Bodyclock Health Plan is the solution. Let Jost do the health thinking for you. He is the expert. He is at the leading edge of holistic health and lifestyle medicine and he tests everything. He knows what works. All you have to do is purchase your Bodyclock Health Plan and leave the rest to us.

Here’s how it works:

Get your Bodyclock Health Program

  • We email you a questionnaire and request for photos (tongue, posture etc).
  • Jost sets a skype session with you.
  • He discusses your symptoms, state of health, ‘constitution’, goals and your lifestyle, and delivers TCM diagnostics results.
  • Jost prepares a program for you to follow to self-treat your symptoms and achieve health goals.
  • We email you this as a PDF.
  • You get a follow-up call from Jost to discuss and clarify.

All of this for only $249

Jost takes you through the best supplements, diet and herbal formulas for your health and happiness goals; the most effective exercises for you; the most effective daily schedule to build your chi, and the most effective treatments for your symptoms.

He cuts though confusion, and delivers clarity about why you feel the way you do. And the Program delivers accelerated results. No time wasting here. You get the benefit of over 30 years of Jost’s research and professional experience focussed on you.

Health has turned into rocket science. There’s no way you can keep up with the tsunami of information out there, it’s a full-time job and you’ve already got one of them. Jost’s full-time job is health. This is his passion and calling, and it is what he does all day every day. He knows what works, and he knows what will work for you. And he’s like the health rocket scientist who can explain it all simply.

Jost lectured in Chinese medicine for ten years. He has written six books on health, run several clinics, treated tens of thousands of people from celebrities to professional athletes; and he does corporate workplace health training. Jost pioneered the use of lifestyle as medicine decades ago, and has developed a healing lifestyle for our 21st century life.

You can build energy, vitality, zest for life, happiness, purpose and inner peace, with lifestyle changes that harmonise your normal daily activities with your bodyclock. You can lose weight, and treat and prevent hypertension, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more, with lifestyle changes. Jost will show you how. Whatever your health goal is, he delivers the strategy and the solution.

Get your Bodyclock Health Program now 

Ready for the next step?

Health Blitz Jost will overhaul your health from the cellular level up, in a three-day one-to-one.

Jost is opening his new Bodyclock Health Clinic on the Sunshine Coast soon, so stay tuned for details if you want to do the Bodyclock Health Program in person.

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