Bodyclock Health Plan

The Bodyclock Health Plan

No one has time to get on top of their health. Everyone is confused about what diet is best, what exercise, what treatments, what supplements, or whether they even need any of that. And everyone is different so how could you possibly know what will work for you? Your personalised Bodyclock Health Plan is the solution. Jost has done the health thinking for you so you don’t have to. Here’s how it works:

  • Get your Bodyclock Health Plan session
  • We email you a questionnaire and ask for photos of your tongue and posture
  • We set your skype session with Jost
  • Jost analyses images, discusses your symptoms and lifestyle, gives you the TCM diagnostics results, and a solution for your symptoms.
  • He then prepares a personalised Bodyclock Health Plan for your state of health, your ‘constitution’, your goals and your lifestyle.  You get this as a PDF and a hard copy by mail.

Health has turned into rocket science. There’s no way you can keep up with the tsunami of information out there. But now you don’t have to because Jost has already has. Health is his passion and he is a health expert. It is what he does all day every day. He’s like the health rocket scientist who can explain it all simply. He knows what works, and he will know what works for you.

Jost has written six books on health, he pioneered the use of lifestyle as medicine and developed a lifestyle based on the way we live now. He has run several clinics, and has treated tens of thousands of people with his Bodyclock Health Plan, from celebrities to professional athletes; and CEOs to workplaces.

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Jost is opening his new BodyClock Health Clinic on the Sunshine Coast soon, so stay tuned for details if you want to do the Bodyclock health Plan in person.

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