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Health Assessment $165 One hour. Consultation and TCM diagnostics. Get clarity, direction nd solutions for all aspects of your health.

Health Assessment + Acupuncture $250 Ninety minutes. One hour consultation, TCM diagnostics, plus 30 minutes of Jost’s special chi-empowerment acupuncture. You’ll leave with clarity, and feeling revitalized, energized and calm.

Personal Growth Plus Package  $350 Two hours. This is the serious transformative health+ wellbeing + purpose package. It includes health assessment, TCM diagnostics, Jost’s unique coaching / counselling and his special acupuncture treatment.

Skype Consultation and Coaching $249. Ninety minutes. Get clarity and direction on all aspects of your health, professional goals or spiritual life.

Jost’s sessions draw upon high-energy healing modalities and Chinese medicine. Jost cuts though confusion, creates clarity about why you really feel the way you do, and delivers solutions. He is a registered acupuncturist, he lectured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a decade, has written multiple health books published in many countries, treated tens of thousands of clients, and he pioneered lifestyle medicine for the 21st century.  Jost knows what works, and he knows what will work for you. And he’s like the health rocket scientist who can explain it all simply.

Jost’s consultations and acupuncture are available at Buddina on the Sunshine Coast. Jost works with national and international clients via skype sessions. Purchase the session online and Jost will contact you to set your consultation time.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas are an essential part of Jost’s health, wellbeing and personal growth treatments. Chinese herbal formulas are an art form, they support the highest application of the medicine which is to nourish your destiny. The magic is in the mix (always four or eight herbs) and they are multi-active so they benefit every organ and impact on your whole life. Your organs support both brain and body health, and the herbal formulas work across all these levels. They are like superfoods for your organs, refined and developed sometimes over centuries, and formulated to work synergistically with any other health move you make. Jost works with a few key formulas perfect for tacking contemporary imbalances and symptoms.

Major Four Herb Combination. This is a powerful plant-based energy builder that will get you through the day, feeling focussed, centred and in control of your business and personal life. It is calming, stress-reducing and anti-ageing.

Hoelen & Bamboo. This is a great plant-based formula for when you feel lethargic and heavy but restless, anxious and nervous at the same time. It calms your mind, makes you feel clear headed, and helps with decision-making. It is also a great formula to treat depression symptoms, especially if you feel stuck and as if you are going crazy (losing the plot).

Bupleurum & Cyperus. A plant-based formula created around four hundred years ago, that regulates vital energy (chi), activates blood circulation and relieves pain; mainly for symptoms due to liver chi stagnation.

Bupleurum & Peony. A plant-based formula used for sleep. It creates a velvety soft pillowy sensation that helps you drift to a deep and peaceful sleep. It also assists with stress, frustration, anger and PMS.

Well-being. One of my favourites is Well-being. I’ve been taking it for over 10 years now. It includes ginseng (a key ingredient in dementia prevention in Asian countries) plus 3 other powerhouse herbs, ashwagandha, astralagus and rehmania, all of which have incredible beneficial effects including improved focus, energy boosting and anti-ageing. * Well-being is produced by Modere, and is the legendary Emperors Formula of ancient China.

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