Bodyclock Health Plan


If you don’t have time to get on top of your health, this is the product for you. If you are feeling confused about what diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle changes you need to get rid of your symptoms and achieve your health goals, this is the product for you.

You can build energy, vitality, zest for life, happiness, purpose and inner peace, with some simple lifestyle changes that harmonise your normal daily activities with your bodyclock. You can lose weight, and treat and prevent hypertension, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more, with lifestyle changes. Jost will show you how.

He does the health thinking for you. He is the expert. He is at the leading edge of holistic health and lifestyle medicine and he tests everything. He knows what works. All you have to do is purchase your Bodyclock Health Plan and leave the rest to us. We then email you a questionnaire and ask for photos (tongue, posture etc) and set a session time with Jost.

He will assess your health using the questionnaire and TCM diagnostics in the consultation with you (he has been doing this for 30 years) and then create a personalised health plan for you. You get this as a PDF and a hard copy by mail.



This is a transformative session. Jost takes you through the best supplements, diet and herbal formulas for your health and happiness goals; the most effective exercises for you; the most effective daily schedule to build your chi, and the most effective treatments for your symptoms.

The session cuts though confusion, and deliver clarity and accelerated results. You get the benefit of over 30 years of Jost’s research and professional experience focussed on you.

Sessions are available Monday – Friday during business hours. Prepayment is essential, then we will set an appointment time that works. Lock it in now because it’s always the right time to start feeling good!

*Sessions are non-refundable but are transferrable.