Health & Personal Growth Consultation – One Hour





This is a total life realignment and transformation session.

My consultation point of difference is chi, and how to work with your ‘chi organs’ because this is where all your potential is. If you feel good, you can make things happen. If you don’t feel good you can’t and this comes down to chi. I’m going to identify what elements of your lifestyle are creating symptoms and making you feel bad, identify their origin, get a health solution in place, and make change an inspiring and rewarding process for you.

I’m a chi-coach specialising in improving your organ performance, because your physical and emotional performance depends on this. I’ll take you through the best supplements, diet and herbal formulas for your health and happiness goals; the most effective exercises for you; the most effective daily schedule to build your chi, and the most effective treatments for your symptoms. My sessions cut though confusion, deliver clarity and accelerated results. You get the benefit of over 30 years of my research and professional experience directed to you. It’s time to feel good and reach your full potential.

My skype or phone consultations are available Monday – Friday. Prepayment is essential. Your consultation time will be confirmed by text or email. Sessions are non-refundable but are transferrable. Valid for 6 months. You are one click away from your happy and healthy future!