The secrets are in your organs. They are your personal lifestyle-disease fighting and vitality-boosting team

Circadian Health Secrets

The circadian rhythm was discovered in the late 18th century in the West. Sometimes called the bodyclock, it is now loosely defined as a 24-hour cycle all living beings possess. Its purpose is not fully understood in Western medicine but a growing body of research is revealing that adverse health effects, including cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression are associated with a disrupted circadian rhythm.

Thousands of years before this, however, Chinese sages identified the 24 hour rhythm (as one of many  interlinked cycles) and its purpose. They understood it as a 24 hour cycle of ‘chi’ or energy, that flows through and connects all life from the personal to the planetary scale. They discovered our organs have ‘clocks’ and that we are internally programmed to do certain things at certain times, and that if we do this we get health and happiness. Everything unfolds as it should.

But our 21st lifestyle constantly interrupts these rhythms and our bodyclock. We might work late into the night instead of sleeping which our organs expect; or we sleep during the day when our organs are expecting us to be working productively. We eat at random times, rush around 24/7 and have no time to relax or rest. All these things create internal havoc and this is what prepares the ground for the symptoms of lifestyle diseases. The solution is simple: get back in the natural flow. Here’s where my special form of lifestyle medicine enters the picture.

Lifestyle is killing tens of millions of people every year now, and a healthy lifestyle is the solution, but this needs to factor in not just what you do, but when you do it. Using your lifestyle as a preventative health strategy is based on a 24 hour clock. This has been key part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, and as the oldest medicine on earth, it has millennia of proven results.

I took this ancient concept and created a 21st century medicinal lifestyle by combining it with  insights gained from my 30+ years of therapeutic work. Then I wrote the manual that covers what to do all day to keep your organs in top shape. Everything you need for perfect health is within you. The secrets are in your organs. Think of them as your personal internal health team. They are committed to working 24/7 to keep you healthy and happy. Start putting their preferences first and you’re on the way to defeating lifestyle disease and creating health, vitality and happiness.

Don’t focus on giving things up, focus on adjusting when you do everything. It’s simple and fun and not fast because health is something you do all your life. But if you stick with this plan, you’ll never stop because you feel better every day and life doesn’t get better than that. Buy Clock On To Health here.

Meet your internal health team

Your organ clocks are synchronised to the 24 hour circadian rhythm. They each have a task and they also all work as a team to keep you in top shape physically, emotionally and spiritually. To make it easier to remember what they do, I’ve assigned them job descriptions. Hover over the organs below to discover these.

What does this mean for me?

Clock on to Health : It’s Time to Feel Good!

If you have healthy organs you are healthy and happy. What you do when is the key to your organ health. Clock On To Health presents the best times (from the perspective of your organs) for all normal daily activities from snacks to sex; and social media to sleep.

Discover simple ways to make your lifestyle your best medicine and defeat heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and more, while you simultaneously improve your health and happiness.

Clock On To Health is the first-ever how-to lifestyle medicine guide. Written by acupuncturist, Jost Sauer,  Clock On To Health is genre defining, entertaining, widely accessible and timely as it offers a practical ‘hands-on’ solution to the new global health crisis of lifestyle disease.

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