Workplace Wellness Experience

Give your employees the tools and knowledge they need to make each workday health-boosting, productive and rewarding with The Workplace Wellness Experience. Designed by renowned lifestyle therapist, author and motivational speaker, Jost Sauer, it is a fun, engaging, interactive and informative workshop. Participants learn techniques that lead to:

  • Fewer sick days and staff burn outs
  • Boosted productivity and creativity
  • Improved focus, mental clarity and decision-making
  • Management of workplace stress
  • Better work/life balance

The high stress nature of contemporary work culture is having a huge impact on worker health. Most people feel overcommitted, rushed and time-deprived; are living on nutrient poor diets; can’t switch-off after work, can’t get enough sleep, and are fighting a rising tide of symptoms. This leads to compensatory behaviours such as excessive sugar or caffeine, overeating, emotional outbursts, or the use of drugs or alcohol to manage stress. This is detrimental to the business and to individual health and happiness.

Jost provides solutions. He introduces a healthy lifestyle, and shares simple quick-fix techniques to naturally boost energy levels, improve focus, increase productivity and better handle stress. Plus tips on diet, sound sleep techniques and effective work practices to create a healthy work-life balance.

Jost is at the leading edge of the new holistic approach to workplace health. He is a healthy lifestyle expert and author of five  books, including three (published by Allen and Unwin). Each participant receives a copy of Clock On To Health (valued at $24.95), which covers  everything from the best times to schedule hard tasks, to the healthiest workplace lunches, to tips on defeating 3.30itis. The workshop experience includes some simple energy and motivation boosting exercises and a healthy snack tasting table*

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $5000

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*this is an extra cost and not applicable to all venues

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Jost is a healthy lifestyle and addiction expert, with three books on addiction (published by Allen and Unwin). Jost has founded and numerous successful rehabs and developed an effective recovery system based on the Chi Cycle Lifestyle. Jost has treated thousands of high-functioning addicts, and trained therapists in holistic recovery methods. Solving workplace addiction issues is an area of expertise.

Employee drug and alcohol use adversely affects workplace safety and employee wellbeing, and it costs billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Health promotion is a proven strategy for reducing alcohol and drug related harm in the workplace as healthy lifestyles are incompatible with heavy drug and alcohol consumption. Jost’s effective new approach to workplace drug and alcohol awareness combines his healthy lifestyle strategies and addiction prevention systems.

Part One: Identifies and addresses all the states people want from drugs or alcohol at work – whether that is to become motivated, feel empowered, enhance productivity or creativity, or to manage boredom. Participants get an insight into how drugs and alcohol create these states, what the side effects are, and how to quit permanently.

Part Two: Covers how to achieve the drug or alcohol states in sustainable ways; how to make work more satisfying, more productive and more rewarding; how to handle stress, and how to create a healthy work-life balance using his Chi Cycle lifestyle.

Duration: 3 hours

Participants receive a copy of Jost’s new book Clock On To Health.

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Workplace Health Program

Chi Cycle Certification Training

Are you a health practitioner, therapist, lifestyle coach, or teacher who wants to have a deeper understanding of the Chi Cycle? Do you want to teach your clients how to clock on to health and help them to change their lives? Do you already use, or want to use, the Chi Cycle to improve your own life, relationships, and business? Then Chi Cycle Certification is for you!

Harness the power of the Chi Cycle with Jost and become Chi Cycle Certified! Based on over 30 years of research, practice, and the successful treatment of thousands of patients, Jost’s Chi Cycle is the critical key in the treatment and prevention of a growing number of lifestyle diseases worldwide.

Chi Cycle Certification will give you the tools and knowledge you need to make the Chi Cycle a part of your personal and professional practice, through personal, in depth consultations with Jost. Delivered online in 8 entertaining, enlightening, and informative modules, you can be Chi Cycle Certified in as little as 1 week.

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