Happy Chi & Spontaneous Qi Gong Meditation

Happy Chi & Spontaneous Qi Gong Meditation


VENUE: Sunshine Coast (more details coming soon)

DATE: Saturday 30 November

TIME: 10AM – 6PM

Price includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

Jost has spent over 30 years, studying the spiritual masters and has drawn upon multiple forms and his extensive knowledge of the power of chi to develop a dynamic technique that nurtures the spirit and eliminates the toxic stress of contemporary life. In this one day workshop you’ll learn Jost’s simple techniques to tap into cosmic chi and:

    • Switch on in the morning with a natural energy boost
    • Switch off after work and sleep soundly
    • Flush the stress out of your system in minutes
    • Get a rush of spontaneous joy and blissful happiness on demand


Meditation is a powerful medicine for your body, mind and spirit. We need a daily dose to nourish all three, and to be healthy and happy. Our true nature is spirit and meditation speaks to the soul in its language. This one-day workshop includes theory and lots of practical. You’ll learn the healing sounds of your organs, how to download chi and how to use the one simple technique to:

  • Kick start your day with cosmic chi
  • Transform irritability into happiness
  • Counter cravings for sugar, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Reduce stress in an instant
  • Experience the flow of yin and yang
  • Wipe out the workday heaviness and stress
  • Tap into information about your purpose
  • Initiate free-flowing chi for health, wellbeing and happiness