Six Major Herb



This is a powerful energy builder. A plant-based formula that will lift your mood and give you energy and the staying power to handle high-pressure and deadlines while staying calm. This is the ideal formula if you have lots of work and need to be productive. It also enhances your cognitive power, it lifts ‘brain fog’ and supports the strong focus needed to succeed. Great for when you feel run down and exhausted. It is also a great formula if you have lots of cold phlegm. It opens the chest and makes breathing easier. Chinese herbal formulas have multiple active ingredients and target numerous symptoms at once. 
Used to treat these symptoms:
Fatigue, Brain fog, Indigestion / stomach bloating, Fluid retention, Diarrhoea , Cough, Nausea, Anxiety
Dizziness, Distension and stuffiness in the chest or abdomen.
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