Clock on to Health : It’s Time to Feel Good – Bulk Order


We offer a 40% bulk order discount for bookshops, clinics and people who have lots of friends who want to read the book! Purchase 5 copies and save nearly $50. Shipping is $10.50 in Australia and $25 internationally regardless of quantity. Bulk orders are available in multiples of five (eg: five, ten, fifteen…).



Clock On To Health is an entertaining and original lifestyle medicine how-to and self-help guide. It repackages a core concept of Chinese medicine – the daily cycle of chi through the organs – into a beautifully simple daily routine that heals hundreds of common symptoms and simultaneously boosts health.

It was written by Jost Sauer, a popular author, acupuncturist and therapist with 30 years experience, in response to the new global health crisis: lifestyle disease. Jost is faced daily with patients confused and fearful about their health. They have lost faith in mainstream medicine, are over-medicated, miserable and at risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and the chronic inflammation that underpins lifestyle diseases.

Clock On To Health presents the lifestyle that naturally prevents and treats these symptoms by improving organ health, because this is the foundation of health. The book outlines the best times (from the perspective of organ health) for normal daily activities; everything from snacks to social media to sleep, and shows the reader how to make lifestyle their best medicine.

As well as covering the most efficient exercises, the benefits of yoga and tai-chi and the key to work/life balance, there are pages of practical tips on the healthiest foods, and the importance of protein, supplements and herbal formulas. The advice it offers supports all forms of alternative medicine and Western medicine, and it delivers practical lifestyle-based solutions for hundreds of precursor symptoms for lifestyle disease.