Addiction Recovery Kit – eHAB


You get Jost’s entertaining and informative videos on all aspects of transformational drug recovery along with 23 PDFs that take you on a 23 day journey packed full of practical advice, and a free e-book version of Jost’s bestselling book The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery. The kit works for recreational drugs, alcohol and other addictions.

  • 23 eHAB Videos and tutorials on USB stick
  • Free e-book copy of The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery

As soon as you purchase we email you The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery, and you receive the Tutorials and Videos by post on a USB stick.


Jost Sauer developed a new rehab system for contemporary addiction. He reverse-engineered drug highs (using Chinese medicine) and discovered that highs are an experience of intense chi flow. All side-effects, including cravings, depression, psychosis, anxiety, lethargy and, emptiness, are the result of chi not flowing freely. The solution is simple: build chi, create chi flow!

If you used drugs for flow states, expanded creativity or enhanced professional abilities you need to keep accessing those states after you quit to avoid depression, anxiety and the feeling that life is empty or meaningless. This is the starter kit for the journey of building the body, clarifying the mind and reconnecting to your purpose to uplift your spirit.