Spleen Yang Deficiency

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This pattern is affiliated with chronic fatigue syndrome, candida overgrowth, ulcers, gastritis and obesity and is characterised by a deficient spleen creating chilliness and cold limbs. The spleen comprises the entire digestive system and aspects of the circulatory system. In spleen yang deficiency the digestive process is impaired and foods and fluids don’t move smoothly causing symptoms. The main cause for spleen yang deficiency is a hectic lifestyle of constant rushing; the worry over endlessly accumulating financial commitments (credit cards, loans, pay later schemes); time deprivation and sleep deprivation. Constantly trying new diets, fad diets, the keto diet, excessive consumption of cold and raw foods, overwork and overthinking also harm the spleen.
Fatigue, no appetite, abdominal distension after eating, bloating, oedema, tiredness, lassitude, sallow complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools, feeling ungrounded, floating or spacey sensation, worry, brain fog, nausea, feeling of heaviness. chilliness, cold limbs.