The healthy lifestyle that beats lifestyle disease

40 million people will die from lifestyle disease next year, don’t be one of them. Follow our simple day plan based on your body’s natural clock.



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Simple health solutions for lifestyle disease

You can treat and prevent hypertension, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more, with simple lifestyle changes that tap into the natural circadian rhythms or bodyclock.

Your organs have clocks, they carry out sequential tasks and this creates health. So we did the research on this, combined it with the proven therapeutic ‘chi cycle’ of Chinese medicine and worked out the best time for everything from sex to social media to sleep.

We put it all together into one daily routine that boosts your organ health 24/7. Follow our day plan as often as possible and watch your symptoms dwindle as you transform into a slim, productive, happy and healthy people-person. You can start right now because all you need is a clock!

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New Release

Clock on to Health : It’s Time to Feel Good

Find out how to use your bodyclock to naturally boost your health, self-heal hundreds of common symptoms; lose weight, sleep more deeply, get more energy, and look and feel younger.

Discover the ultimate day plan, with the best times for everything from snacks to sex; and social media to sleep, according to your organ clocks. This is the secret to natural glowing health.

This entertaining book includes lots of practical health tips you can use every day to reverse and prevent lifestyle disease symptoms and create health and happiness instead. You can start any time and all you need is a clock!

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About Jost Sauer –
The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an ex-addict turned acupuncturist, popular author and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training, but after his post-drug suicidal depression led him to martial arts, he discovered the power of chi, the cycle of chi of Chinese medicine and the connection to the bodyclock. A rhythmic lifestyle holds the secrets to anti-ageing, health and success. Jost has been using lifestyle therapeutically for his clients for over 20 years. His passion is sharing his expertise, and the little lifestyle hacks that everyone can use to immediately alleviate symptoms of lifestyle disease and improve health and happiness.

Upcoming Events

30 November 2019, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast: Happy Chi Meditation Workshop 10am – 5pm. Feel the chi and let your spirit soar in this one day workshop. Learn Jost’s techniques to nurture your spirit, get rid of toxic stress and flush your system with  joy and happiness. Price includes a yummy lunch.

2nd – 5th January 2020, Starlight Festival Byron Bay. Come along to Jost’s festival talks and discover how to harmonise your life with the natural rhythm, and use chi to boost your health, treat your symptoms, get more energy, and feel purposeful and happy!

Tap into your bodyclock to boost your energy

This series of 14 short videos with cool graphics and fun animations show you how to build your energy every day the easy way. Get some beneficial new habits in place, based on the natural life rhythm of the day and you’ll reap the rewards!

Sleep better, work better and be a better person. An abundant and productive life is waiting for you. Buy now USD $9.95

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