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Re-order your day to work with your bodyclock and you will naturally lose weight, and self-treat and help prevent symptoms of hypertension, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more. All you need is a clock!




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Make your lifestyle your best medicine!

What if there was one simple lifestyle that treated hundreds of lifestyle disease symptoms, boosted health and happiness, and delivered weight-loss and anti-ageing? There is! Jost Sauer’s chi-cycle lifestyle based on the ancient organ clock of Chinese medicine and new bodyclock research, reschedules normal activities from snacks to sex; from social media to sleep, to align with rhythm of the day and support health.

Discover your bodyclock and how to self-heal your symptoms and start feeling better every two hours of the day.

Book a personal bodyclock health session with Jost. Eliminate symptoms, boost energy, lose weight and feel good.

Achieve your 2020 health, weight and self-growth goals by skype or in person with Jost, the Lifestyle Medicine Man. 

Workplace Wellness

Create happy staff and a healthy business with Jost’s Workplace Wellness system. Give your employees the tools to make each workday health-boosting, productive and rewarding. 

Upcoming Events

1 February 2020

Vibrant Cosmic Meditation

Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Join Jost for a celebratory day of cosmic meditation. Reconnect to the source, feel the chi and let your spirit soar. 

Online Programs by Jost

$9.95 USD

This series of 14 short videos with cool graphics and fun animations show you how to build your energy every day the easy way. Get some beneficial new habits in place, based on the natural rhythm of the day and you’ll reap the rewards! Sleep better, work better and feel better!

About Jost Sauer –
The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an ex-addict turned acupuncturist, popular author and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training. But a period of suicidal depression, led him to realize the limitations of exercise and discover the power of chi and rhythm.

Jost studied martial arts, Chinese medicine, meditation, therapeutic exercise, and vitamin therapy. He developed a 21st  century medicinal lifestyle inspired by the ancient Chinese organ clock and new discoveries in circadian biology. Jost has been using his chi-cycle lifestyle as a therapeutic tool for clients, and in his workshops and retreats for decades now, and it creates amazing results. His passion is to share the simple little lifestyle changes that everyone can make to self-heal symptoms and take charge of their health and happiness

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